Will I find the love of my life? Will it come next week? How do I know if I'm happy? Can I start drinking again? Will I get promoted? How do I quit my job and not fail?

Bulan Project's third issue is based on the ancient mystical text of the i Ching — the book of changes, associated with the Zhou dynasty around 1050 BC. It's about change and chance, and it all starts by asking a question:


Limited Edition of 64

100% Silk / 18” x 18” / hemmed

Hand painted in Bali using all natural dyes

Bulan Project is a collaborative project focused on producing limited edition, everyday art objects.

This design was crafted through an all-natural process of hand-waxing and hand-dying by a group of Batik artisans in Bali.

Bulan Project is grateful to the collaborators who brought Issue No. 3 to life with thoughtfulness and a deep respect for craft — Jared Erondu, Joshua Sortino, Jeremy Goldberg, Johannes Ma and Tieshun Roquerre.